10 Last Minuet (Budget) Gifts for Your Globetrotter

With Christmas fast looming, you might be desperately trying to find THE perfect gift for your traveling loved one. This is frequently harder said than done but this list provides something for every stripe of globetrotter, for every sort of budget.


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  • Travel Map ($25 – $200)

For those on a budget, a wall-mounted travel map can range between $25 for a scratch off map to several hundred dollars. There are few travelers who don’t enjoy looking at a map and seeing all the places they’ve been, and all the places they’ve yet to go. Additionally, it’s something that’s easy to pick up and move around if you’re traveler is frequently moving or has to stash all their possessions in a storage unit. If you’re looking for something customizable, try Etsy! But if you’re looking for something more unusual (that I’m absolutely in love with!), try a cork globe!


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  • Customized Magnets ($1 – $20)

For a cute personal touch, you can get customized magnets from Etsy in various shapes (I have several in the shapes of hearts) that feature images or maps of countries your globetrotter has visited. Many map magnet sellers already have them pre-made, so you can get them express.


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  • Travel Gear (Various!) 

Word to the wise, it’s a good idea to know precisely what your globetrotter’s travel style is before buying them a gift! For your backpacker, consider a hearty pair of water proof / sweat proof hiking socks (I adore the REI wool expedition socks) and a quality set of shoes (Merrell). For your luxury traveler, a nice set of hard-shell luggage can make them swoon, or for those working on a budget, consider a designer passport cover.


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  • Camera Accessories ($15 – $200)

Camera gear can be quite expensive and many people who take their craft seriously will already have what they need or want a very specific thing. So consider a camera accessory instead. A tripod or neck strap can be the perfect accessory that your travel-loving friend has wanted but has put off.


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  • Travel Journal ($20 – $35)

No matter the type of traveler, the memories they collect during their adventures are always the closest kept treasure. Give them a place to jot it all down in a travel journal – extra points if it’s easy to carry and water proof!


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  • Quality, nice canceling headphones ($50 – $150)

You might expect a trip to be a constant explosion of action and adventure, but in truth there’s quite a bit of waiting around! Whether it’s a long flight or a long bus ride, your globetrotter will appreciate the thought that goes into a quality set of headphones. As a solo traveler this was an essential item, and now I have songs that I associate with each country. Nevermind they’ve plenty of utility once your traveler returns home, too!


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  • A trip or groupon getaway (Varies!)

If you know your traveling loved one is already abroad, there’s a chance you can buy them a small round trip to a nearby country for cheap! A round trip to Spain from Morocco, for instance, is less than $50 and from certain South East Asian countries you can hop to nearby countries for less than $200.

But if you’re searching for something more domestic, many travelers adore experience over material goods. Groupon frequently has sales for rock climbing adventures, brewery visits, and skiing for low-low-low prices. Definitely worth a look!


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  • Global Adapter ($10 – $40)

I’ve lamented before about how irritating it can be to find you don’t have the right adapter for the country you’re in… so save your weary globetrotter some stress and give them the gift they never knew they wanted! A global adapter. They’ll think you when they’re in a hostel half-way across the world.


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  • A Ticket Stub Diary ($15 – 25)

The perfect scrap book for travelers. This diary is a perfect place to store all of your ticket stubs and provides something fantastic to flip through, especially if your traveler just can’t keep up the maintenance of a travel journal.


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  • Microfiber Towels  ($15 – $30)

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams, a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. For your budget or backpacking globetrotter who’s wandering off the beaten path, these towels have an endless amount of uses. A blanket on the bus through South America, an umbrella as you dodge the monsoons in Thailand, shelter from the beating sun in the Sahara. The fact that it’s quick drying makes it that much more fantastic. It might not be glamorous but your traveling loved one will thank you.