5 Sights With Breathtaking Details

There are some truly magnificent sights around the world that can keep you busy for hours, just admiring the level of intricacy and artistry that has gone into each square inch. Here are but a few of the best, must visit sights around the world.



There are so many beautiful cathedral churches in Italy that it can be hard to pick just one. But St. Mark’ Basilica charms with its lavish detail and opulence, so much so that it’s known as The Church of Gold. And while its facade may seem a little plain (though it does have its nice touches, a little reminiscent of the Taj Mahal with its domed roof), it’s the details within that will lead you gasping.

The atrium, ceilings, and walls are covered with over 40,000 square feet of mosaics, set into a golden, glittering background. St. Mark’s well known for its Pala d’Oro, a gem-studded altar at the forefront of the cathedral. Even the floor is a beautiful geometric mosaic.


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  • Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, IRAN

Venice’s church may be gold, but Iran’s Pink Mosque might have it beat in terms of sheer overwhelming detail. Though this mosque is more than just  shades of pink, it’s a tizzy of color that culminates into a beautiful effect taken both at close range and from afar.

While the mosque is well known for the detail that has been painstakingly put into every arch and pillar it’s the mosaic and stained glass that makes it a beautiful crown gem not only of Iran but of human kind. No one picture could ever truly encapsulate this architectural marvel — it requires a visit in person (preferably in the mornings, when the stained glass full captures the sun).


  • Versailles Palace, Hall of Mirrors, FRANCE

The Versailles Palace is world famous for its beauty, but its Hall of Mirrors is undoubtedly the highlight. The Hall itself is a wonderful balance of beautiful decadence and minimalism. The hall is 250 long and decorated with mirrors that amplify the luxurious effect painstakingly crafted by French artisans. But the ceiling is what draws the eyes — beautiful painted scenes above, flanked by golden frames, and massive crystal chandeliers that draws the eyes and keeps them. But to best enjoy this beautiful sight, come early! The less people the better.


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  • Ranakpur Temple, INDIA

This temple is one of the major pilgrimage sights of the Jains and was built in the 15th century. But this beautiful temple hasn’t lost any of its intricate beauty. It was carved from marble and hosts 1,444 carved pillars  and perhaps endless carvings of celestial figures and nymphs, dancing and playing instruments.

Anywhere you turn, there is a new detail to pore over. You could spend days here and constantly find new things. But the details carved into the marble ceiling is especially beautiful — almost like lace.


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  • Wat Rong Khun Temple, THAILAND

So we’ve had the Gold Church, the Pink Mosque, and now the White Temple. It might surprise that Wat Rong Khun is actually a work of art,  built using the bones of the original temple. But despite the renovations, White Temple is not only unrivaled in beautiful details but in symbolism. The bridge you must cross to reach the temple itself represents traversing the realm of Mara and attachment to Nirvana, the Gate symbolizes Death and the passage to heaven. Even the temple’s striking alabaster hue is symbolic, representing the purity of the Buddha.

There are some… odder? details as well. Pictures within the temple aren’t allowed, but once you’re inside you’ll see not only paintings of the Buddha’s life (a staple in many temples) but also pop culture scenes of heroes fighting demons. The artist’s modern take on Buddhism. Though there are distinctly less Buddhist scenes included as well, including the Predator (yes, from the movie), and Superman.