A Skosh About Me

Hi! I’m Daphne. Like most kids born to into an immigrant family I’ve always felt like I straddled two disparate worlds that wouldn’t reconcile. Over the years I’ve tried to understand my own identity and how I fit in.. and while that’s a journey that may never end, it’s lead me to love traveling and exploring new cultures, foods, and ways of life. I take every opportunity I can to travel and I dream of one day being an international lawyer that can globe trot for the rest of her life.

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I made this blog to share helpful tips I’ve learned through trial and error, and to celebrate culture and beauty in all its forms. In pursuit of that goal I hope to put boots on all 196 countries, and so far I’ve been to:

  • The Philippines (over a dozen times, for varying lengths of time)
  • The US (where I was born and raised!)
  • Canada
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • China (twice)
  • Taiwan
  • Morocco
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • South Korea


I’ve had some pretty amazing adventures. I joined an emergency humanitarian mission in the Philippines after a typhoon devastated the region. I’ve been tricked into teaching English in Thailand. I slept in the woods of Yellow Mountain, China (before finding shelter in a supply closet). I’ve enjoyed hot springs in Taiwan while celebrating Christmas. I sand boarded down the dunes of the Sahara. I’ve been to bunny cafes in Japan, and accidentally stumbled into red light district. I’ve made so many memories traveling, that nothing else really compares! And I have so many more adventures planned.

In 2016, I’m tentatively scheduled to be going to:

  • Kyoto, Japan (05/16) – last year I went to Tokyo, but I’ve been dying to see Kyoto…
  • Philippines (05/16)
  • Thailand (06/16)
  • Palau? Vietnam? Laos? Bali? (07/16)

Then probably a trip to Costa Rica for my birthday in October, and winter will have my husband Ben and I celebrating a  (very) late honeymoon in either Ireland or Madagascar. He’s choosing!

As you might be able to tell, I adore Asia. I got engaged there (in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China) and eventually married there (at the Shangri-la in Boracay, Philippines). Any excuse to go to Asia is a good excuse.

I’m very open to chatting with other bloggers and travelers. Feel free to inquire about my custom made itineraries, too! I love making them and the more practice the better.





  1. hi daphne,

    going to places had made you a better person specially coming here to your mother’s homeland “Philippines”. trying to learn the different languages to the places you’ve visited makes a big difference in dealing with people. you’re a fast learner and an intelligent woman. i hope that all the places you visit brings you joy and satisfaction achieving your goal of fulfilling all those written in your bucket list.


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